Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians
Library and Research Hub

One of our founding principles is to promote evidence-based behavioural support for companion animals and their carers, in an empathetic and compassionate manner.

We recognise that keeping up-to-date with the latest research and insights into clinical animal behaviour isn’t always easy. It can be difficult to find full-text copies of scientific journal papers and articles, and it can be costly to pay for downloads. So, we have created the FAB Clinicians’ Library and Research Hub.

“It felt like I had the world at my fingertips!”
–one of our members

Thanks to our partnership with EBSCO, our members and sponsors can search an online repository of thousands of full-text, peer-reviewed academic journals in clinical animal behaviour. This carefully curated repository of high impact, peer-reviewed journals is just one of the many benefits of supporting FAB Clinicians.  Why not join us or become a FAB Sponsor today?

FAB Clinicians Members and Sponsors are also eligible for a 25% discount off all animal behaviour and welfare printed CABI books.

The Digital Library

In addition to the Research Hub, we are investing in a digital library which will contain the leading textbooks and ‘must reads’ in our industry. The books in the library will be owned outright by FAB Clinicians and will be available to our members to enjoying delving into and reading forever more!

The library will slowly grow, and any suggestions for additional books are welcome.  Just contact us with your ideas and suggestions.

A selection of journals you will be able to access…

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To promote evidence based behavioural support for animals and their carers, to the highest scientific standards, in an empathetic and compassionate manner.

To forge strong links between animal carers, behaviourists and veterinary professionals.

To support the development of independently accredited practitioners in the field of clinical animal behaviour through mentoring, continuing professional development and supportive fellowship.