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FABC believe that clinical animal behaviourists should be highly qualified, highly experienced and work to the highest ethical standards, following up-to-date scientific techniques. Consequently, all of our Certificated Members are independently accredited and conform to the regulatory standards set by the umbrella body, the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC).

Currently, the only route to external, independent accreditation as a clinical animal behaviourist is through the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour’s CCAB (Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist) scheme. Our Certificated Members have all met the standard required for CCAB.

Our Candidate Members are all working towards CCAB accreditation, which involves evaluation of both academic and practical experience. This means that FABC’s Candidate Membership category reflects a wide spectrum of professional competencies, from experienced behaviourists who awaiting their final CCAB assessment, to those taking their first steps towards learning about animal behaviour.

In the lists below members listed in green are Veterinary Surgeons.


David Appleby MSc CCAB Dog  www.abklinikka.com appleby@abklinikka.com
Julie Ashton BSc (Hons), BVSc, CCAB, MANZCVs (Veterinary Behaviour), MRCVS,  Vet, Dog, (ABTC CAB for Cats) www.lifeonfourlegs.co.uk info@lifeonfourlegs.co.uk
Claire Arrowsmith BSc(Hons) MSc CCAB Dog, Cat www.petbehaviourcentre.com info@petbehaviourcentre.com
Trudi Atkinson DipAS (CABC) RVN CCAB Non Practising Cat catbehaviour.solutions cat.ethology@gmail.com
Rosie Barclay BSc (Hons) MPhil CCAB Dog, Cat www.rosiebarclay.com rosiebarclay@petproblems.net
Julie Bedford BSc (Hons), PGCE, PG.Dip (CABC), CCAB Dog, Cat, Rabbit   dogandcatbehaviour@gmail.com
Lucy Bingley BSc (Hons), PG Dip, CCAB Dog, (ABTC CAB for Cats) www.petbehaviourhelp.co.uk rosiebarclay@petproblems.net
Emily Blackwell PhD CCAB Dog www.langfordvets.co.uk/small-animal-referral-hospital/services/behaviour emily.blackwell@bristol.ac.uk
Donna Brander BSc(Hons) CCAB Dog, Cat   donna@thetower.uk.com
Elaine Brooks MSc CABC CCAB Dog www.elainebrooks.co.uk elainebrooks365@btinternet.com
Emma Brown BVSc PGDip MRCVS CCAB, RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Companion Animal Behaviour  Vet, Dog, (ABTC CAB For Cats) www.behaviourvet.info info@behaviourvet.info
Debbie Busby BSc (Hons) MSc MBPsS CHCB CCAB Dog, (ABTC CAB for Horses) www.animalbehaviourclinics.com  info@animalbehaviourclinics.com 
James Carroll BSc (Hons) MSc CCAB Dog https://dogbehaviouristmanchester.com  dogbehaviourmanchester@gmail.com 
Fiona Cooke BSc (Hons) MSc MA PhD FHEA MBPPsS CCAB Dog (ABTC Listed CAB Cats)   animalbehaviourconsultancy@gmail.com 
Zoe Demery PhD CCAB Dog secondnature.bio info@secondnature.bio
Hannah Donovan  BSc (Hons) BVM&S MVetSci MSc CCAB MRCVS, RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Companion AnimalBehaviour  Vet, Dog www.donovanvetbehaviour.com info@donovanvetbehaviour.com
Candy D’Sa BSc (Hons) MSc PhD CCAB Dog, Cat www.petconsultant.co.uk candy@petconsultant.co.uk
Gretta Ford MA(Hons) PGcert CAB CCAB Dog   gretafordccab@gmail.com
Bryony Francis PGDip CABC, CCAB Dog   BryonyFrancis@icloud.com
Deborah Fry BSc (Hons) MSc CCAB Dog, (ABTC CAB For Cats and Rabbits) www.animalbehaviourconsult.co.uk info@animalbehaviourconsult.co.uk
Kris Glover BSc(Hons) MSc CCAB Dog, Cat   kristina.glover@dogstrust.org.uk
Jenny Green MSc CABC CCAB Dog www.bellsandwhistlesbehaviour.co.uk jenny@bellsandwhistlesbehaviour.co.uk
Claire Hargrave BSc (Hons) MSc PGCE CSci CChem MRSC CCAB Dog, Cat petbehaviourwales.co.uk behaviourreferrals1@gmail.com
Nicole Harris BA (Hons) PGDip CABC CCAB Dog  www.paws-off.co.uk nicole@paws-off.co.uk
Sarah Heath BVSc DipECAWBM(BM) CCAB FRCVS Vet, Dog, Cat  behavioural-referrals.co.uk office@brvp.co.uk
Stephanie Hedges BSc(Hons) CCAB Dog www.stephaniehedgesccab.co.uk stephanie@stephaniehedgesccab.co.uk
Lynn Hewison BSc(Hons) MSc CCAB Dog http://lincolnabc.co.uk animalbehaviour@lincoln.ac.uk
Lucy Hoile CCAB Cat  www.lucyhoile.co.uk lucy_hoile@yahoo.co.uk
Kim Hope BSc MSc CCAB Dog    
Pippa Hutchison MSc Dip (AS) CABC CCAB Dog, Cat www.positiveimprint.com referrals@positiveimprint.co.uk
Claire Kirby BSc (Hons) PG Dip CABC CCAB Dog www.4-legs-good.co.uk claire@4-legs-good.co.uk
Natalie Light BSc PGDip PGCert CCAB Dog  www.natdogs.com nat@natdogs.com
Loni Loftus BSc (Hons) MSc PgAEd CCAB Dog, (ABTC Listed CAB for Cats and Horses)  www.loniloftusbehaviour.com loni@loniloftusbehaviour.com
Antonella Marsicano BA (Hons) MSc Dog  www.animalwellbeingcentre.com help@animalwellbeingcentre.com
Susan McKeon BSc (Hons) CCAB Dog  happyhoundstraining.co.uk susan.mckeon@dogstrust.org.uk
Daniel Mills PhD CCAB MRCVS Vet, Dog, Cat, Horse lincolnanimalbehaviourclinic.co.uk animalbehaviour@lincoln.ac.uk
Lorella Notari PhD MSc MRCVS DipECAWBM(BM) Vet, Dog, Cat   lorella.notari.vet@gmail.com
Gemma Pearson BVMS Cert AVP(EM) MScR CCAB MRCVS Vet, Horse   gemma.pearson@ed.ac.uk
Jolanda Pluijmakers PhD Dip CABC CCAB Dog, Cat  www.davalon.nl jolanda@davalon.nl
Kayna Prescott BSc (Hons) CCAB Horse  www.brighterequines.com brighterequines@gmail.com
Miriam Prior MA MSc VetMB MRCVS CCAB Vet, Dog   miribehaviourvet@gmail.com
Kate Reevell MSc CCAB Dog   reevell.kate@gmail.com
Tom Rowland MSc CCAB Dog www.companion-minds.com companion.minds.behaviour@gmail.com
David Ryan PG Dip (CABC) CCAB Dog dog-secrets.co.uk david@ryanemail.co.uk
Linda Ryan BSc (Hons) VTS RVN CCAB Dog, Cat www.inspiringpets.com linda@inspiringpets.com
Rebecca Sommerville BSc MSc CCAB Dog www.behaviourbybecca.com behaviourbybecca@gmail.com
Sarah Tapsell Sommerville BSc (Hons) MSc CCAB Dog   sarahtapsellccab@gmail.com
Heather Thomas MSc CCAB Dog www.heather-thomas.co.uk heather@heather-thomas.co.uk
Carrie Tooley BSc BVetMed MSc PGCVE FHEA MRCVS CCAB, RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Companion Animal Behaviour Vet, Dog www.behaviouralreferrals.co.uk office@brvp.co.uk
Mat Ward BSc MVS CCAB Dog, Cat www.petbehavioursorted.com petbehavioursorted@gmail.com
Caroline Warnes BVSc MSc MRCVS CCAB Vet, Dog   cwarnesbehaviour@googlemail.com
Gemma Whitlaw BSc (Hons) CCAB Dog   gemma@woofwise.co.uk
Karen Wild CCAB Dog (ABTC Listed CAB for Cats) www.pawprintpets.com info@pawprintpets.com
Clare Wilson MA VetMB CCAB MRCVS Vet, Dog  behaviourvet.co.uk behaviourvet@googlemail.com.
Kassie Woods BSc MSc CCAB Dog www.surreydogbehaviour.com kassiewoods@live.co.uk
Rosalind Wrightson BVSc MRCVS GPCert (AnBeh) Dog wrightbehaviour.blog wrightbehaviour@outlook.com
Helen Zulch BSc (Hons) DipECAWBM CCAB MRCVS Vet, Dog   helen.zulch@dogstrust.org.uk


Retired Members: Members who met the standard for certificated members but are now retired.

Inga MacKellar MSc


For ease of understanding, FABC have clustered Candidate Members into three general groups, as explained below.

Our Candidate Members come from a wide range of backgrounds.  The independent accreditation body, ASAB, assesses whether a candidate has attained the academic and practical knowledge necessary to be certificated as a clinical animal behaviourist.  Some Candidates have gained CCAB Pre-certification ☑, acknowledging their academic competence, while others have not yet.  However, all Candidate Members have not yet been assessed as having gained the practical knowledge necessary for becoming a clinical animal behaviourist.

Student Candidates:  enrolled on a higher education course, gaining the academic knowledge required to become clinical animal behaviourists.

Gillian Amos BSc MSc
Debbie Anslow RVN BSc (Hons) VNS.N.Cert.AnBehav
Lucy Bennett BSc (Hons)
Laura Blackledge-Smith BSc (Hons) PGCE
Holly Boardman  
Claire Brand BSc (Hons) PhD
Tommy Browne  
Lisa Chapman Bsc (Hons)
Naomi Clay  
Julie Daniels PhD DipCABT
Emma Gatehouse BVMedSci BVMBVS MRCVS
Samantha Lympany-Tier  
Thalia Moore BSc (Hons)
Keely Needham  
Emmanuel Oloyede  
Chirag Patel BSc (Hons) PGCert CPBC DipCABT
Liane Preshaw BSc MSc MPhil
Faye Rogers BSc (Hons)
Jessie Sams Fdsc
Emma Southwell  
Laura Welch  
Natalie Weller-Cliff MA (Cantab)

Pre-registered Candidates:  developing the practical experience necessary to become clinical animal behaviourists, such as by sitting in on cases, leading cases under the supervision of established clinical animal behaviourists, or seeing cases by themselves and preparing for final assessment.

Denise Armstrong MSc www.reddogtraining.co.uk
Robyn Atkinson BSc (Hons) www.robynatkinson.com
  Emma Baker B Vet Med MSc MRCVS  
Emma Barber BSc (Hons) MSc www.calmercompanions.co.uk
Ellesha Bedford BSc MSc RVN  
  Elle Boden RVN www.thebehaviournurse.com
Jacqueline Braggs MSc DipCABT KPACTP www.casperspetbehaviour.com
  Millie Brice FdSc BSc  
Julie Brewer MSc DipCABT DipAVN(surg) little-tykes-dog-hub-ltd.business.site
Bonnie Brincat BSc (Hons) MSc  
Hannah Burton BSc (Hons)  
Ryan Dillon BSc MSc www.oabt.co.uk
Charlotte Freeborn BSc (Hons) www.freeborndogbehaviour.co.uk
Kate Golding BA PGDip MSc companion.minds.training@gmail.com
Francesca Guagliumi MSc MRCVS  
Helena Hale BSc (Hons) MSc  
  Emily Harvey BSc (Hons)  
  Sue Hartley BSc (Hons) MSc PGDip CPsychol https://www.theunderstoodcat.com/
Faye Hasler BSc (Hons)  
Raychel Hill BSc (Hons) www.petpeevessomerset.co.uk
Sue Horseman PhD  
Camilla Jones MSc www.mjanimaltraining.co.uk
Roxane Kirton BVMS MSc MRCVS  
  Rachel Leather MSc www.animalbehaviourconsultations.co.uk
Sarah Lowery BVetMed BSc MSc MRCVS www.petbehaviourpractice.co.uk
  Kirsty MacQueen MA www.therapawsitive.co.uk
Rachel Malkani MSc (AWSEL) BSc (Hons) LSHC-S CDBC www.vetedx.com 
Sara McIver MSc DipCABT DipCAS www.saramciver.co.uk
  Kevin McPeake BVMS MRCVS PGDip(CABC) Resident ECAWBM  
Kathryn McRobb PgDip MSc www.animalpsychologyclinic.co.uk
  Kate Moorby BSc (Hons) https://training.moorby.me/
  Tina Parnell RVN MA PgDip CABC Cert AAB  
Denise Price BSc MA MSc https://www.denisepricedoginstructor.co.uk
Stephanie Ranson MSc  
  Sandra Raw BA (Hons), DipEd, MRes www.worcesterdogs.co.uk
Megan Richardson BSc (Hons)  
Nicky Shaw BSc (Hons) www.chelseacanines.co.uk
Emma Simmons BSc (Hons) MSc DipMCAM HEAL cert www.heartoftheherd.com
Laura Smith RVN MSc  
Victoria Stockley BSc (Hons) MSc www.animalsenses.co.uk
Lynne Taylor MA (Oxon) MA VetMB MRCVS  
Lesley Townsend MSc www.clevercompanions.ie
Anne Tucker MSc www.pawsinprogress.co.uk
Sara Valverde DVM MRCVS MSc  
  Katrina Warnes BSc MSc www.wanderdog.co.uk
Alice Watts MSc  
Esme Wheeler BSc (Hons) MSc www.talkanimal.co.uk
Elin Williams BSc (Hons)  
Chris Wills BSc (Hons) MSc www.animalkind.biz
Charlie Wright BSc (Hons) RVN  

ABTC registered candidates: ;  established clinical animal behaviourists who have already achieved the clinical standard set by the regulatory umbrella body, ABTC, and are listed on the ABTC register. These practitioners have chosen to undertake the external, independent accreditation offered by ASAB and are preparing for final assessment.

  Caroline Clark CAB RVN Cert Ed Dog,Cat,Small Furry, Birds, Reptiles https://www.peteducationandtraining.co.uk carolineclark@peteducationandtraining.co.uk
Jenni Nellist BSc (Hons) PGDip CABC MSc Dog, Horse www.jenninellist.co.uk jenni@jenninellist.co.uk


Part of our mission as a not-for-profit social enterprise is to forge strong links between animal carers, behaviourists and vet staff in order to inspire and nurture the relationship between people and the animals under their care.  So, as well as behaviourists, we welcome a range of other people with complimentary skills to our membership in order to better support and contribute towards our mission.  These members are called Contributing Supporter Members.  Although these members may not be accredited behaviourists, they do bring a wealth of diverse experience and knowledge in other ways to FABC.  For example, they may be:

  • Lecturers or researchers in animal law and ethics, zoology, or human psychology;
  • Individuals working in organisations with an interest in FABC’s mission, such as animal welfare charities;
  • Individuals with a background in:
    • mentoring;
    • animal policy work;
    • producing TV nature documentaries;
    • public relations and fund-raising;
    • IT, events management, or administrative experience within an animal care setting
Jon Bowen BVetmed MRCVS DipAS(CABC)  
Paddy Driscoll BSc MSc  
Tamsin Durston RVN BA (Hons) BSc (Hons) PTLLS Dogs Trust
Carla Eatherington BSc (Hons) MSc PhD  
Sarah Ellis BSc (Hons) PGDip PhD iCatCare
Mark Evans BVetMed MRCVS  
Lauren Finka BSc MSc PhD Nottingham Trent University
Marianne Freeman MSc PhD University Centre Sparsholt
Sam Gaines BSc (Hons) MSc PhD RSPCA
Celia Haddon BA BSc MSc  
Vicky Halls RVN iCatCare
Naomi Harvey BSc PhD AFHEA Dogs Trust
Amy Miele BVM&S Cert(AnBeh) PhD MRCVS University of Edinburgh
Sarah Penturn BSc (Hons) BVM&S MRCVS Dogs Trust
Suzanne Rogers BSc (Hons) Human Behaviour Change for Animals
Elizabeth Warring BSc (Hons) MSc MSc i-cat care
Tamlin Watson BSc (Hons) PGDip CABC MSc The Donkey Sanctuary
What Drives Us

Our Mission

To promote evidence based behavioural support for animals and their carers, to the highest scientific standards, in an empathetic and compassionate manner.

To forge strong links between animal carers, behaviourists and veterinary professionals.

To support the development of independently accredited practitioners in the field of clinical animal behaviour through mentoring, continuing professional development and supportive fellowship.