Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians

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The Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians is committed to providing high quality CPD and educational materials for our members, veterinary professionals and for the wider community.

An important part of FAB Clinicians’ mission is to promote evidence based behavioural support for animals through providing information of the highest scientific standard to, and to build links with, veterinary professionals, those working in behaviour and training and animal carers. To fulfil this aspect of our mission, FAB Clinicians offer a range of events, some of which are specifically aimed at our membership and supporters, but many of which are open to those outside the FAB Clinician’s community.

Available to the public and FAB Clinicians’ members are:

  • The annual conference focusing on both academic and practical knowledge.
  • The “Taking Clinical Animal Behaviour to the next Level” series of lectures, many kindly sponsored by ADAPTIL and FELIWAY, that focus on introducing recent research and/or innovations within the field of clinical animal behaviour
  • Regular webinars provided by our fabulous members
  • FAB Clinicians’ veterinary team also provide regular, free of charge, question and answer sessions for Veterinary Professionals.

FAB Clinicians also provides a wide range of Members Only events, many of which are offered on a complimentary basis:

  • Webinars presented by our fabulous members.
  • A host of species-specific mentoring groups, study days and webinars
  • Webinars aimed at supporting our members professional and business development
  • A range of less formal events, including coffee and chat sessions and structured case study sessions.

Please visit the become a member page to learn more about the benefits of joining the Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians.

FAB Clinicians’ publicly accessible CPD usually carries CEU’s (please check individual events)

Access to events – don’t worry about how you will know whether you can access an event; if you are a FAB Clinicians’ member or supporter, FAB Clinicians’ website will recognise your email address and enable you to book the event of your choice.  If you are not a member or supporter of FAB Clinicians, the website will recognise this and it will only enable you to book any publicly accessible event. To make it easy for you to distinguish accessibility, the events Public Calendar  uses the following colour code system:

  • Publicly accessible events are shown in Black
  • Taking Clinical Animal Behaviour to the next level webinars which are also publicly accessible are in Red
  • Members only events are in Blue
  • Complimentary Vet Team Events are in Green (Members are welcome to join these)

Please scroll through our events selection and join us for some FAB Clinicians’ CPD!

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To promote evidence based behavioural support for animals and their carers, to the highest scientific standards, in an empathetic and compassionate manner.

To forge strong links between animal carers, behaviourists and veterinary professionals.

To support the development of independently accredited practitioners in the field of clinical animal behaviour through mentoring, continuing professional development and supportive fellowship.