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7th WEBINAR – The Relationship Between Physical Health and Behaviour – Sarah Penturn

14th Dogs Trust Case Study Day

20th WEBINAR – Video Mining Through Social Media as a Welfare Assessment and Clinical Tool – Jean-Loup Rault

30th AGM – Elections and Webinars



10th Behaviour Chat – Coffee Time

11th WEBINAR – 10 Years of the PAW Report: surveillance data on the behaviour and welfare of the UK’s pet dogs, cats, and rabbits – Rachel Malkani and Emma Tipton

16th INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION – Differential Diagnosis – Daniel Mills

17th WEBINAR – Donkey Sanctuary Research – Tamlin Watson 

18th Candidate members quarterly meeting

22nd Q and A Session for Veterinary Staff – Help, I think its a behaviour case – Emma Baker, Lynne Taylor, and Trudi Atkinson

24th Behaviour Chat – Coffee Time

26th Cat Case Study Day

27th Dogs Trust Case Study Day



3rd WEBINAR – Introducing Psychometric Tools into Behaviour Consultations – Daniel Mills and Kevin McPeake 

10th Behaviour Chat – Coffee Time

18th WEBINAR – Professionals Confidence – Paddy Driscoll



6th Q and A session for Veterinary Staff – Long term management of sound sensitivities – Emma Baker, Emma Brown  and Caroline Warnes

7th Behaviour Chat – Coffee Time – Behaviour Mythbusters

15th WEBINAR – Psychopharmacology Part 2 – Sarah Penturn

28th WEBINAR – Why should Behaviourists care about Epilepsy? – Rowena Packer



5th Behaviour Chat – Coffee Time – Working Together

11th Becoming an Expert Witness – What you need to know – David Ryan

21st Cat Case Study Day

22nd – Annual Conference

25th WEBINAR – Pain Assessment in Rabbits: Where are we now – Livia Benato

30th Cat Case Study Day



2nd Behaviour Chat – Coffee Time – Report Writing

10th WEBINAR – Engaging owners with Trauma-informed care and treatment plans – Rachel Leather

16th Cat Case Study Day

23rd WEBINAR – Thinking about report writing – Helen Zulch

25th Cat Case Study Day

30th Behaviour Chat – Coffee Time – Self Care



31st WEBINAR – AWAG Tool Pilot Data – Rachel Malkani



1st WEBINAR – Grouping reproducing rabbit does – can we avoid fighting and injuries? – Sabine Gebhardt

15th WEBINAR – Guide Dogs UK: Implementing a dog centred approach to training, behaviour and welfare. – Sara McIver



6th WEBINAR – Introducing Psychometric Tools into Behaviour Consultations – Daniel Mills and Kevin McPeake



10th WEBINAR – Donkey Sanctuary Research – Fiona Cooke



5th – WEBINAR Separation related problems in dogs – Professor Daniel Mills

12th – Feline House Soiling Q and A for vet professionals – Trudi Atkinson and Caroline Warnes

26th – WEBINAR Tailor made solutions for dogs that struggle with inter dog encounters outside the home – Helen Zulch



10th – WEBINAR Reading emotion in equines – Dr Catherine Bell

17th – WEBINAR Considerations when planning a clinical animal behaviour consultancy business – Susan McKeon

29th Behaviour Chat – Coffee time – Tricky cases – what makes them so challenging? – Hosted by Karen Wild and Bryony Francis



12th Dogs Trust Case Study Day – details will be emailed to candidate members

19th – Emergency Management of Sound Sensitivities -Q and A for Veterinary Professionals – Emma Baker and Emma Brown

27th Behaviour Chat – Coffee time – ‘Think practical! Tips on kit, routines, setup and structure’ – Hosted by Karen Wild and Bryony Francis

29th Question and Answer Session on the new CEVA product Feliway Optimum



11th Candidate Member quarterly meet and greet session – Invitations have been sent to candidate members – if you have not received yours please contact the office

14th Dogs Trust Case Study Day 

19th Dogs Trust Case Study Day

24th WEBINAR Maintaining a healthy cat – human relationship – Dr Lauren Finka

26th Behaviour Chat – Coffee time – Hosted by Karen Wild and Bryony Francis



2nd Dogs Trust Case Study Day

3rd WEBINAR – A network perspective on animal behaviour and welfare – Tom Rowland

10th A Merry Covid Christmas – Helping Pets cope in a Pandemic Year – Q and A session for Veterinary Professionals – Linda Ryan and Lynne Taylor

17th WEBINAR – Understanding the needs of domestic cats – by Elizabeth Warring

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To promote evidence based behavioural support for animals and their carers, to the highest scientific standards, in an empathetic and compassionate manner.

To forge strong links between animal carers, behaviourists and veterinary professionals.

To support the development of independently accredited practitioners in the field of clinical animal behaviour through mentoring, continuing professional development and supportive fellowship.