Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians
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The Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians is a community interest company limited by guarantee, which means we are a not-for-profit social enterprise. We work to inspire and nurture the relationship between people and the animals under their care. We are passionate about ensuring the emotional well-being of animals by promoting the human-animal bond and providing evidence-based behavioural support to the highest welfare and clinical standards.

We warmly welcome any individual or group who shares our vision to support us by becoming a FAB Clinicians Sponsor. Your kind annual donation will help us to attain our mission.

All FAB Clinicians Sponsors will receive a number of benefits for the year, including:

The minimum annual donations for our Sponsors are grouped as follows:

  • Individual Person Sponsor: £140
  • Small Group Sponsor (up to 5 people): £300
  • Large Group Sponsor (up to 10 people): £500
  • Organisation Sponsor (up to 50 people): £2000.
    • If the organisation is larger than 50 members, they may apply for several organisation sponsorshipswith a 10% discount overall (e.g. wider membership, multiple branches’ or departments of a corporation).

FAB Clinicians would like to recognise the work charities do for our world by offering a 20% discount to any charities on any of our group or organisation sponsorships.

If you feel your organisation can contribute towards our mission statement in other ways, please email us to discuss other options on office@fabclinicians.org

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Note: FAB Clinicians Sponsors are not entitled to FAB Clinicians membership, or to use the general FAB Clinicians logo without their explicit permission. FAB Clinicians Sponsors cannot use their affiliation to FAB Clinicians for financial gain.

 Data Protection Policy:  The Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians (FAB Clinicians) will keep your personal details (name, contact details and type of interest) only for the purpose of correspondence with you. The FAB Clinicians will keep your details on a secure email server and computer. The FAB Clinicians will not share your details without your informed consent. You can request that any correspondence cease at any time and for your details to be permanently erased and/or returned to you by email: office@fabclinicians.org . Such requests will be fulfilled within 28 days of receipt. 

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To promote evidence based behavioural support for animals and their carers, to the highest scientific standards, in an empathetic and compassionate manner.

To forge strong links between animal carers, behaviourists and veterinary professionals.

To support the development of independently accredited practitioners in the field of clinical animal behaviour through mentoring, continuing professional development and supportive fellowship.