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New Member Application

New Member Application

Welcome to the Fellowship Of Animal Behaviour Clinicians new member application page

The annual membership fee for Student Members of FAB Clinicians is £70.00

The fee is calculated on a pro-rata basis per month. If you apply today the fee for the rest of the FAB Clincians year (1st April to 31st March) will be £29.17

Information For Applicants

We welcome anyone interested in working towards gaining the knowledge base required for independent accreditation as a clinical animal behaviourist to apply for Student Membership. FAB Clinicians provides a nurturing professional environment in which to grow and progress along your career path. You will be able to access mentoring and learning opportunities targeted for members at various points in their clinical animal behaviour journeys.

The minimum requirement for Student Membership is that you are studying for a course equivalent to UK Government Qualification or FHEQ Level 5 or above, with at least one animal or psychology related unit. Please note that, although a small number of the academic requirements for accreditation (e.g. as a CCAB) have a minimum requirement of FHEQ Level 4, as part of the independent accreditation process, you will be required to complete further academic courses at least to Level 5 and Level 6 in the majority of the necessary subject areas (e.g. as detailed on the CCAB web site). Once you have completed all of these, you will be able to apply for Candidate Membership and start acquiring the clinical skills necessary for independent accreditation.

The Student Member category is essentially for those embarking on qualifications in the field who do not currently possess the required experience to see cases independently and who we will support on their academic journey. However, we are aware that there may be some experienced practitioners already in the field who are topping up their qualifications and we would like to provide support and mentoring to help them in their professional progression towards attaining the academic requirements necessary for independent accreditation as a clinical animal behaviourist. Any Student Members who are clinically practising are required by FAB Clinicians and our regulators to practice under the direct supervision of a registered CAB or another suitably qualified and competent professional in all their behaviour cases outside of their contracted employment.

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Please indicate which species / animal group you are planning to apply for independent accreditation in.

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The Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians list members details on various pages. We recognise that some people will want different information displayed on each of these. Please indicate below what information you would like on each page. For more information on each of these pages click on the linked headings below.

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Please upload evidence of enrolment on or completion of your most recent/relevant animal or psychology course to FHEQ Level 5 or above

Annual Career Review

FAB Clinicians expect their Student Members to be actively working towards achieving CCAB accreditation and therefore becoming one of our Candidate or Certificated Members. Each year we ask our Student Members to provide evidence of how their clinical animal behaviour career has progressed in the past year. Please indicate which circumstance best describes you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the FAB Clinicians Membership Liaison on office@fabclinicians.org.

Remember we are here to help and support you!


Privacy Notice

The FAB Clinicians Privacy Policy can be read in full here: https://fabclinicians.org/privacy-policy/
The Fellowship of Animal Behaviour Clinicians (FAB Clinicians) is collecting your data in order to fulfil its contractual obligations to you by providing a professional membership service. By providing your personal data you are giving consent to the FAB Clinicians to:

  • Store your name, email address, phone number(s), address, and personal documentation such as academic certificates and transcripts, and your accreditation documents (CCAB/DipECAWBM(BM)/DACVB/FANZCVS) in a secure filing cabinet and office, as well as in electronic form on the FAB Clinicians computer, cloud and FAB Clinicians secure website, sometimes through trusted and secure third-party providers..
  • Contact you by email, social media, telephone and by post (as per your permissions given) to deliver information relevant to your FAB Clinicians membership as per the FAB Clinicians contractual obligation to fulfil your membership of the FAB Clinicians.
  • Contact you via your email address, social media, telephone number and post (as per your permissions given) to share information about other FAB Clinicians activities.

Note: If you have requested access to the Google Discussion Forum and Facebook Group, check whether there are any extra steps you need to complete so that you may participate in discussion with other members.

You may withdraw your permission at any time by contacting the FAB Clinicians to:
(a) terminate your membership; or
(b) to opt out of receiving information about other FAB Clinicians activities.
Your personal information may be returned to you within 28 days of your request.
Your personal data will be held on a secure computer, cloud and web server, including on secure storage servers provided by trusted third-parties for the purposes of providing you with FAB Clinicians membership services. Paper copies will be held in a secure office. It will not be used by the FAB Clinicians for any other purpose, nor will it be shared with any other party without your prior informed consent to do so.
(FAB Clinicians is a Community Interest Company registered with Companies House in England and Wales (registration number: 12446060). The FAB Clinicians is obliged by UK law to register the names and addresses of its Directors. As per the FAB Clinicians Articles of Association, the Directors are the members who form the FAB Clinicians committee. Should you be, or become, a committee member, you will also become a named Director and your name and address will be filed with Companies House. Please refer to the FAB Clinicians Articles of Association for more details).
In the event of the termination of your membership, all your personal details will be destroyed and/or returned to you within 28 days of request/termination of membership. You may also contact the FAB Clinicians to rectify or update your personal details at any time.

By clicking the 'Proceed' button, you are signifying that all of the information you have provided above is accurate to the best of your knowledge, that you understand the Privacy Statement and that you agree to all the declarations you have ticked. If your application is unsuccessful your payment will be returned in full. Any member failing to renew their membership subscription and provide all required parts of this form by May 1st of each year will be removed from the FAB Clinicians membership list and membership facilities, unless acceptable extenuating circumstances allow for an extension.