Committee Member - Membership Liaison
Lynne Taylor

Lynne worked as a vet in small animal practice for many years. Most of this time was spent at the PDSA animal charity hospital in Southampton.  She became increasingly interested in animal behaviour during this time and started studying it properly in the last few years of her career as a vet in practice, completing the “Advanced diploma in canine behaviour management” and “Graduate diploma in animal behaviour management” (Compass),  She is grateful for the help of several mentors who enabled her to gain the practical experience required to become accredited as a Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CCAB) for dogs and keen to help others on the journey towards accreditation. She is proud to be a Certificated member of FAB Clinicians and to contribute to the working of the Fellowship through her roles on its main committee and the membership and veterinary sub-committees.

Lynne and her husband run a small-holding in the New Forest where they keep Soay sheep, a couple of cows and some chickens.  They also have a very independent cat and a lurcher-type dog.