Subcommittee member
Linda Ryan


Subcommittee – Veterinary

​I am a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Behaviour, and in Oncology, & an ASAB accredited Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist (for cats & dogs). I am a passionate Veterinary Nurse, & welfare-focused animal trainer & behaviourist. I have been vet nursing since 2000, and have spent many years working in general practice, as well as university referral clinics – specialising in internal medicine, oncology and welfare-centered nursing.

Over the years of working with cancer, internal medicine & feline patients, many of whom often had to be seen repeatedly, & were anxious, I became interested in learning more about welfare & behaviour within the clinic, & how this could fit in alongside excellent veterinary care. Inspired by the animals & humans I worked with, I subsequently gained further experience and qualifications.

I currently run Inspiring Pet Teaching, dividing my time between seeing clinical behaviour cases, working alongside pets’ vets, and providing continuing education for veterinary and training/behaviour professionals.

I am based in the New Forest National Park in the UK, sharing my life with my hubby, little brown dog, and tortie kitty.